TryEV appreciates that buying a car is a big decision - we want to help make it enjoyable.

Sometimes, the best way to experience cars you are considering buying is with some of your trusted friends there to help you with the decision making process. Whether you want to convince some petrol heads that electric is the way forward, or people you know are already aware that EVs are best, get them along and we will host a demonstration event in the convenience of your own home.

We will give a short presentation on the benefits of going electric, demonstrate the features of the cars we bring and run test drives on a predetermined route in your vicinity. All in a relaxed environment that you are familiar with. The key is to make the experience personal,fun and engaging - and better than visiting several dealerships. It’ll save you time, too.

We will be running these events in Attica, and adding more regions soon.

Please email us and specify up to 3 cars you are interested in. We will be in touch to discuss dates that work for you.

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